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A small announcement from Vanilla Bear, during Coronavirus and Self-Isolation.

In the UK, like many places all over the globe, we’re having increasingly strict social restrictions and safety measures being put in place. And we welcome it. Medical professionals, supermarket teams, the posties; the people working on the front line of this, they need all the support they can get. And it’s time for those of us at home to pitch in.

What that means for VB and our customers?

We’re continuing to work and are striving to maintain the high quality video marketing that we’re used to producing. It does however, mean we’ll be working from home, and will have very limited opportunity for filming, and will be placing the focus onto editing, quality stock footage and branding strategy for the future.
We care about our customers and collaborators, and we know how much passion and effort you pour into your brands. We want to help support you and wanted to offer some ideas for video marketing –
  • Using fully licensed quality stock footage.
  • Using motion graphics and titles.
  • Using talented sound designers and voice-over artists.
  • Using any pre-existing footage you have for your brand. (And we’re also happy to work-with/give-advice-on user-generated video of any standard).
For example, this is a very short clip from a project we made entirely using licensed stock footage. We’ve removed any branding and left the green screen element untouched – this is only for demonstration purposes, just to give a sense of what can be achieved with little/no footage.
(If you’d like to see the full version, send us a quick email and we can give you a private link to view)

It’s such a strange time without a real end point in sight, but together we can make it through by supporting each other.
So get in contact if there’s any way in which we can help you with planning, scripting, sourcing footage (we already have a subscription to high-quality stock footage) & creating video communications for you and your brand. And thank you for helping to support us.
Lots of love, and stay safe,
from Dan and Aaron (& the rest of the Vanilla Bear Team)

If you’ve got any questions, or you just wanna chat about how mental Covid-19 is, we’d love to hear from you- so give us a call, or hit us up at