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The Holy Trifecta of Video

The 3 basics that everyone wants for their film, but are impossible for anyone to get.

For film companies, one of the main challenges for finding and generating paid work is being able to communicate how valuable video actually is, and also how much flippin’ work it takes.


There are some helpful statistics though, which can really paint a picture of how worth-it video is.

This video from Bristol-based production company Snowline is a great way to show exactly that (click on the image below).



And of course, the better we do our job, the less you see our camera, lighting and editing, and the more you see the people, places and stories that we’re telling.

This video explains that in the world of editing from Inside The Edit:

For us at Vanilla Bear Films, because we’re a new-ish company, most of our clients are new to us. And working with 1st time clients, especially those that haven’t worked with film companies before, setting up expectations at the beginning of the process is key.
People that have had little/no experience with film companies are sometimes unaware of how long a project can take, and are sometimes shocked at the cost. As filmmakers, we don’t always have time to go through statistics, or to show those video from above… but this is where the ‘Holy Trifecta’ comes in!
The ‘Holy Trifecta’ is a simple concept that can be quickly drawn on a napkin or the back of an old receipt, and it taps into the basics that everyone wants for their video.

Everyone wants their film to be HIGH QUALITY, at a LOW COST with a QUICK TURNAROUND.




The ‘Holy Trifecta’ of video production illustrates an elusive dream, one that isn’t practical and is very rarely attainable. The reality of filmmaking is that you can only ever have 2 at one time.
  • So if you want high quality video, and you want it done quickly… then it’s very hard to do it cheaply.

  • If you want high quality, but you don’t have a massive budget… then it’s gonna take some time.

  • If you don’t have the budget and you need a quick turnaround… chances are, the video won’t be of the highest quality.

As simple as it is, and as silly a name ‘Holy Trifecta’ is (which I’ve just made up for this blog post), the concept has been hugely useful for us. It has helped us to evaluate where our priorities are, that we refuse to let the quality of our work be compromised. And it’s been a massive help in communicating and justifying the work we do, whilst serving to set up expectations right from the beginning.
And for us, the more clarity of communication we can bring to the people we work with, the better.