Vanilla Bear Films | Video Production in Bristol, UK.


A look at how we rebranded Vanilla Bear with the help of our friends at Fiasco Design.

We constructed and designed the Vanilla Bear brand and website ourselves in 2014 when we started the business. It was 5 years in, that we started toying with the idea of refreshing the brand.
However, it wasn’t until we started working with Fiasco Design, where the idea of a refresh developed into an entire rebrand.
And if you haven’t seen Fiasco’s work - treat yourself and click HERE.

Why the rebrand?

We didn’t want to rebrand VB because “that’s just what businesses do” when they get bored & fancy a face-lift.
But rather we felt like we’d grown as a company - we started 6 years ago working from our respective homes, with a mishmash of equipment & computers (brought together from our individual filmmaking lives).
And since then, we’d grown into an experienced video production team, working from a studio in Bristol, with much higher quality equipment, with a network of trusted & talented freelancers, and with a much wider variety of clients and storytelling experience... and most significantly, we naturally operated more like a creative agency than just a film crew for hire -
We collaborate with clients developing brand stories and clarifying messages, developing communications strategies and following that through the distribution stages, and into the analytics of the online data.
With video storytelling at our core, we tend towards a holistic approach to marketing - and it was time for our brand identity to reflect that.

Original Website 2014

The Process

We began by sitting down with the fantastic team at Fiasco, and talked through the identity of Vanilla Bear; who we are, what we do and who we work with.
As a company, we’re confident in our own brand identity, but found it really encouraging and helpful to hear other creatives’ perception of us, and found that bouncing ideas back and forth was super useful.
We obviously won't have time to go into every single aspect of the process, but we'll do our best to give you a sense of it all -

Brand Pillars

One of the first things Fiasco look to develop is the brand pillars - which serve as a guiding foundation for the design.
From our original branding, the core brand values were always something we still felt connected to, and were very fond of - Fiasco helped us to reword & restructure them to more accurately describe who we’d become.
You can’t really fake a businesses’ values/identity,
it flows from who you are as individuals and as a team.
‘Makers with Purpose’ - because so much of our work is about accessibility and inclusion, that making films about people & stories we believe in is truly at the core of who we are.
‘Creative Storytellers’ - we are always looking for the most creative way to tell a story. We’re not content to just explain the what of a story, but to convey the why. And we believe that drawing out the beauty and emotion is one of the best ways to connect with an audience.
‘Collaborative Experts’ - working with people is what we do. Video marketing isn’t worth anything if it isn’t communicating what your business wants to, and isn’t going to be effective if it doesn’t know who it’s audience is. Working closely with our clients is one of our main skills.


From those brand pillars we started exploring design potentials; Fiasco would present some thoughts and idea development, we would bounce back our thoughts. Rinse and repeat.
Amongst that iterative design, one of the main focuses was the logo -
The main problem with the old VB logo was that it didn’t work in different scenarios - we liked it when it was central to a page, but when justified to the left or right it didn’t feel balanced. It also wasn’t very striking when scaled down to a smaller logo - and we found ourselves often using just the bear.
So with that, we explored a lot of different options, and found ourselves moving towards a Monotype font (meaning - fixed width lettering) with a supportive typeface for ‘films’.
We really love how clean and strong it feels, whilst still keeping some character with the handwritten font.

Examples of the iterative design process

The Bear

We had decided to go with a typography based logo, to simplify rather than try and cram all of it into 1 logo. But fear not, the bear is not gone… he’s just becoming more of a social icon that you’ll see across all our different platforms.

Typography & Colour

And to finish off the foundations of our rebrand, Fiasco offered options on typography and colour palette, and as before we bounced ideas back and forth, eventually landing on a nice set of fonts (Space Mono, Karla & Brisa) and a beautiful navy blue and hot pink (with a couple of complementary colours).
RGB 25/26/53 CMYK 100/94/44/59 HEX
RGB 153/208/188 CMYK 45/00/33/00 HEX #99D0BC
RGB 235/86/150 CMYK 00/79/03/00 HEX #EB5696
RGB 100/87/160 CMYK 72/72/00/00 HEX

The Rebrand

So from that design foundation that Fiasco created with us, we’ve applied it into this brand new website and across all of our communications.
We’re really proud of how it looks and feels, and we’re excited to be able to show it off! We believe that it’s a better reflection of who we’ve become as a video production company and points us in the trajectory we want to head in.

If you're interested in how we originally designed the brand 6 years ago -