A unique design festival in Bristol. One day of inspiring talks from an incredible selection of creatives, an after party and a full day of creative workshops across the city.

Bristol based design agency, Fiasco Design, approached us for creating a video capturing their 2 day design festival, Something Good. They tasked us with capturing the atmosphere and energy of the event, as well as some short sound-bite interviews from the speakers.


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The thing we loved about Something Good was that it aimed to be more than just another boring conference, with standard talks and networky-vibes (yes ‘networky’ is a word… albeit a made up word), but to create a relaxed and engaging space to gather like-minded creatives together… and of which there isn’t anything like it in Bristol.
And that’s exactly what they managed to pull off!
For us, that meant we had a lot of different things to film, from various talky-talks, to interactive stuffs in the basement, general socialising and “hangs”, to the after-part, and a full day of various creative workshops all across the city.

Filming was a blast! We were moving quickly, covering moments from multiple angles, dividing and conquering when needed, and jumping in and out of the car with more style than Starsky & Hutch.
We had our game plan, with some more creative set-pieces in mind and made the most out of all the tools we had.

All in all it, we worked well as a small 2 person crew, and had a great time hanging out with the Fiasco gang and meeting a bunch of the wonderfully creative people attending.

Post-production was a smooth process, with some great feedback from Fiasco – it’s always nice to work with other creatives.
We’ve kept the edit fast paced and punchy, which not only gives a sense of the wide variety of the event whilst keeping the video short, but it also gives a sense of the playful spirit of the event and the SG brand.
There’s a very stylised colour grade on the video to reflect the blue and orange colour schemes of the design and the creative nature of the event. But it also serves to tie the whole piece together, despite many different locations, lighting scenarios and different times of day.

1 of our favourite moments from the film is this matching slider shot of all the different speakers.

We used our Rhino slider to give us replicable smooth motion of the stage, and with some careful operation (making sure not to knock it at all)…

we’ve ended up with a really cool moment that spans the entire timeline of day 1 in a moment.

So if you like the film and want to support it further –

head on over to their Vimeo link and give it a big ole heart HERE, and for updates on what the Fiasco team might be doing for future events, keep you’re eyes peeled on Thread Events or subscribe to their twitters.