Hair 2

A silly sequel to a silly film.

Following the concept originally laid out by filmmaking duo, Stef & Danny Roberts (aka. Sons of Graham), we set out to create a similarly weird and wonderful film, exploring a strange meeting of characters.

Music – ‘Let’s Go’ by Devotchka & ‘Le Moulin’ by Yann Tiersen

(And if you haven’t seen Sons of Graham’s original film, have a scroll and check it out below.)



The original film, ‘Hair’ by Sons of Graham, was created simply because Danny needed a haircut. We had always loved this short and surreal film, and had been inspired that it’s quick conception and execution came from something as everyday as getting your hair cut.
So when our very own Vanilla Bear, Dan, needed a shave, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a silly film as well.

If you haven’t seen ‘Hair’ before, check it out below:

The entire process of this film was very quick; we came up with the story (obviously using ‘Hair’ as a template), shot it all in a day, and had edited it in a few days. With a few extra sound & colour elements and a little bit of After Effects sprinkled in for good measure, it didn’t take long at all.
However, with paid work having to take priority, that “sprinkling in” of the extras has actually been spread over approximately 12 months!

Here’s an example of the colour correction and grade:

And here’s a screenshot that hopefully gives a sense of the After Effects work by the motion graphics genius, Stef Roberts (who also happens to be the chap slapping the beard off of Dan’s face):

We’re really excited to finally be able to share this silly film with you.
For us, it’s a helpful reminder that you don’t always need a lot of time, money and equipment to make a film. Sometimes, all you need is an idea and a beard to shave.

Let us know what you think and hit us up on twitter – @vanillabearfilm