Becky was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a disability which has severely affected her life and stolen her voice. Yet to meet her, is to meet someone who is funny, joyful and truly worth listening to.

This is her story of perseverance, determination and achieving her dreams, through sheer will, the help of friends & family, and the aid of eye gaze technology.

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Ryan Taubert – ‘Kings’

As a video production company, we love any opportunity to tell the story of a person like Becky!
Thankfully for us, Tobii Dynavox are always looking to make videos about the incredible people that use their technology, and Becky is one of them. She not only uses her eye-gaze device for her all-round communication, but also to make art, play video games (like Minecraft & Sims) and to perform on stage.
So we set about to make a film about Becky; believing that when it comes to a brand’s marketing strategy – human connection is one of the most powerful tools for making a genuine connection with your audience.

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& to check out Becky’s YouTube channel – EyeGazeGirl


This project was a little bit different than the usual – typically we meet these amazing individuals and set about trying to draw out key elements of their story, and strategically film them, with much more of a plan ahead of time. But in this case, we were asked to meet Becky and discover her story, as it was happening and capture it in the moment; in a more documentary fashion.


Our filming days were always really fun, filming interviews with both Becky and her mum, Fiona, as well as recreating small moments, going for family walks and joining Becky on her many activities.
As soon as you meet Becky, and as you can probably tell from the film, the first thing you notice is her smile! And it doesn’t take long for her humour, cheekiness and kindness to come through, and before you know it, you feel like part of the family.

…and pause!

The project was ticking along nicely, and all of a sudden, everything went on pause.
Technical difficulties from a 3rd party software, beyond the ourselves and Becky, meant that production stalled for a while… and with all the extra moving parts, and organisation… the project was put on pause for quite some time.
Despite lots of spinning plates, we were able to stay flexible and adapt the story for different creative direction. And luckily for us, Becky and her family were always up it and were always super welcoming.


When it comes to video marketing, simple is good, and keeping the message clear is always worth fighting for.


From start to finish, the project took over a year to complete. And with multiple filming days and re-shoots spread across all of that, the edit was an interesting challenge to pull together, with lots of great stuff left on the cutting room floor.
But in that extra time we spent with Becky, we really got to see how incredible, positive and motivational she naturally is (she actually spoke on stage to hundreds of people that year), and that inspirational quality became more and more the focus of the film.

Here’s some examples of the kickass colour grade our man, Aaron did (also, we love these before & after sliders) –

We’re really happy with the finished video and we hope that whoever watches it, leaves feeling inspired that anything is possible.
All in all, the benefit of facing so many challenges with a project like this, was that we got the privilege of spending more time with Becky and her amazing family, and we’re honoured to have been with them on a small part of what has been, and is certainly going to continue, as a flippin’ epic journey.

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