Vanilla Bear Films | Video Production in Bristol, UK.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Just a few bits of extra information to cover some of the more specific details.

01.How do I find your studio?
Head on over to 37 Philip Street, Bristol, BS3 4EA. There’s plenty of on-street parking outside, and we’re directly opposite Windmill City Farm. Dial 23 on the intercom at the door, and we’ll buzz you in. Just make sure you ring ahead so we can get the kettle on.
02.How much do you charge?
Annoyingly, we really can’t answer with anything meaningful or satisfying - every project is different. But for what it’s worth, it usually doesn’t depend on how long a given video is, it really comes down to the complexity of story and concept, and how quickly you need it done. We are a smaller team, so we are flexible & always up for looking for creative solutions to any budget challenges, and our prices are very competitive. But give us a call and we’ll happily chat about it.
03.How quickly can we get it done?
Customers are often looking for high-quality, quickly done and cheap videos… however, you can only ever have 2 of those at 1 time, and we as a company are not willing to put out low-quality work. So if your budget is smaller, then we’d be looking at a longer timeline. And we can speed up the process if we’re able to factor in that cost.
04.How can I join the VB team?
We’re always keen to meet friendly, talented people who are in the industry (or interested in being in the industry). So drop us a line and we’d love to meet up for a drink. In terms of working with us, we usually start working with people on a freelance basis on specific projects, and are always up for chatting about and considering someone joining the VB team, or getting involved with paid internships.

Let’s work together!

If you’ve got anymore questions, or just wanted to chat – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.