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From film-sets, to the studio, to meetings, to our homes & everything in between; this is how we’re safely operating during COVID-19.

Now that lockdown is easing in the UK, we are faced with the practical challenges of getting companies & brands back to communicating with their customers via video and working through the pandemic.

It’s an industry standard to assess safety and mitigate risks before any filming is done - the coronavirus is just another one of those risks. But unlike a cliff edge, or stormy weather, we can’t see this risk. So we’ve produced this article to lay out our operating guidelines to protect our cast & crew, as well as support the wider health of the UK & the NHS.

We’re using the UK Government and Public Health England for the most up-to-date guidance for maintaining social distancing and continuing to operate during the COVID-19. And this article will be actively updated to reflect any changes in national policy.

BLOG LAST UPDATED - 9th July 2020

1.Basic Requirements
• Vanilla Bear will keep employees updated on actions being taken to reduce the risks of exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace.
• We will specifically consider vulnerable workers; and those at higher risk of harm.
• Consider mental health & wellbeing of everyone involved.
• Vanilla Bear will use heightened precautions for everyone at work & on set.
• We will encourage regular hand washing & provide handsanitiser.
• We ensure managers & employees know how to spot symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) and are clear on any relevant procedure & action to take if someone is potentially infected in the workplace.
2.Cleaning, Handwashing & Hygiene
Vanilla Bear will increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning by employees by:
• Encouraging people to follow the guidance on hand washing & hygiene.
• Providing hand sanitiser around the workplace, in addition to washrooms.
• Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly and enhancing cleaning for busy areas.
• Setting clear use and cleaning guidance for toilets.
• And with PPE not being government mandated yet, we do encourage wearing a mask or gloves. However, this will be up to the employees discretion.
3.Working from Home
Vanilla Bear will take all reasonable steps to help employees work from home for all pre-production, admin & post-production by:
• Discussing home working arrangements & ensuring they have the right equipment, for example remote access to work systems.
• Including them in all necessary communications.
• Looking after their physical and mental wellbeing.
4.Social Distancing
We are switching to predominantly working from employees’ homes. Whenever that isn’t possible, we should maintain 2m between people by:
• Putting up signs/markers to remind workers and visitors of social distancing guidance.
• Avoiding sharing workstations.
• Switching to conducting meetings via online video chat, & when not possible we’ll be seeing visitors by appointment only.
Filming will be assessed on a project by project basis, and can only proceed when a Risk Assessment has been made and with all of the following criteria being met:
• The job cannot be completed at home.
• The crew, contributors & client are well and do not have any of the COVID-19 symptoms (a new, continuous cough and/or a high temperature). A health declaration (sent via email) will need to be provided by all attending the shoot. This will be organised by Vanilla Bear Films.
• Editorial ‘on camera’ requirements are considered - scripts/storyboards take social distancing into account, changes made to sets to aid social distancing, green screen used as an alternative.
• We will use as few film crew members as possible and can minimise the number of people on location at any time.
• No large gatherings/crowds or events.
• Outdoor locations are preferred, but indoor is fine if it is large enough to accommodate a 2m social-distance between people. We cannot film in busy public areas, or busy streets as this would make it difficult to observe social distancing.
• Suitable hand washing facilities or hand sanitising is available.
• Vanilla Bear crew can travel by their own transport, not public transport. And any freelancers or people outside the company must also travel in separate transport.
• Whenever possible the shooting location/studio area will be sanitised before the start of the filming activity.
• Filming equipment will be sanitised before and after the shoot, with particular care and emphasis on microphones.
• And Vanilla Bear will provide their own food and drink, as well as cups & cutlery.
Vanilla Bear are committed to the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and clients. And any changes to the government's guidelines will be implemented and this blog article will be updated.
If you want to chat to us about any of this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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