How we work & collaborate with people with disabilities.

Our mission is to tell stories that are worth listening to, and to make films that are as colourful and beautiful as the people that they are about.
We’re especially passionate about helping to give voice to people who normally aren’t heard, and to break misconceptions about people with special needs and the incredible lives that they lead.
We want to tell stories that matter – we are Makers with Purpose.

Makers with purpose

Small film crew, shooting with Michael (a wheelchair user) by a lake.

At Vanilla Bear we have a lot of experience working with people with disabilities, and consider it a privilege to tell their stories.

Even before Vanilla Bear was a company, Aaron and Dan have come from a background of Disability Support Work and Youth & Community work. It was actually through that where we were first introduced to the world of Tobii Dynavox, Eye Gaze technology and to the man, the myth, the legend, Hector Minto (Microsoft Accessibility Evangelist).

…and from there, we continue to prioritise films that drive change in disability awareness and inclusion, through customer-led storytelling.

A bit about our process –

We start from a place of listening; helping people feel comfortable and simply have a chat with the cameras on. 
Typically the interview gives us the kick-off point for the film, and we’ll stay flexible, adapting around a person’s capabilities and energy, and we’ll tend to shoot a load of additional footage.

We trust that people know their own story better than we do. And we combine that with what we know our clients want to draw out. 
Then we’ll carefully craft the edit to deliver a quality film that emotionally connects with the viewer.

“Dan and Aaron’s approach is the ideal mixture of friendliness and professionalism that made us feel immediately comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and reassured that the end result would be no less than perfection.

Their filming was very well planned and accomplished with precision and much fun and humour, making our time together not only action-packed, but also extremely enjoyable.”

Fiona Tyler (Becky’s Mum), ‘Eye Gaze Girl

Inclusivity extends from our core values as individuals and as a business; and it’s been the privilege of our Vanilla Bear lives to have met and worked with some of the most amazing human beings. And we continue to be inspired by the obstacles that they overcome and the freedom they experience in their lives.

We’re still learning what it means to be supporters, but are committed to the journey, and are committed to accessibility.

So if you’ve got any questions, or you wanna chat about the subject more, we’d love to – so give us a call, or hit us up at