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SURF’S UP – Making Of… Part 38

'Making of Vanilla Bear' Part Thirty-Eight. Join us from week 157 to week 160, where it's business as usual... except that might've just had one of the best filming days of our lives! (more…)

WHOLE ARSING IT – Making Of… Part 36

'Making of Vanilla Bear' Part Thirty-Six. From week 149 through to week 152, we've been whole arsing it (and I'm not talking about the General Election... I thank you) and getting stuff done. (more…)

FAST, SLOW, FAST, SLOW – Making Of… Part 35

'Making of Vanilla Bear' Part Thirty-Five. From week 145 through to week 148, we travel through April into May, and something weird is happening at VB HQ; it's been intense, followed by chilled, followed by intense, and followed by chilled. (more…)

AARON IS OLD – Making Of… Part 33

'Making of Vanilla Bear' Part Thirty-Three. Through February and into March, from weeks 137 to 140, we're doing what we do; we plan, shoot and edit, and then we do it all over again. With some friendly insults thrown in for good measure. (more…)

SMOOTH MOVES – Making Of… Part 31

'Making of Vanilla Bear' Part Thirty-One. We're running through weeks 129 to 132, through Christmas and sliding... into 2017... as in we got a slider... see what we did there? (more…)

THINGS GET REAL – Making Of… Part 29

'Making of Vanilla Bear' Part Twenty-Nine. We've been doing these vlogs for a long time now (124 weeks in fact), and like anything, there's a bit of repetition to them. However, in this episode we get real... we get personal. (more…)