Vanilla Bear Films | Video Production in Bristol, UK.


What an incredible year…

So many people & businesses really flourished this year, everyone got to be with the people they love the most, and the news was really pleasant to watch...
It goes without saying that this was probably one of the hardest years in history, across the globe. And a year that has hit every industry hard; creatives included.
However, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to still be here, and our many privileges and luck has not been taken for granted.
So despite such a sobering and heartbreaking year for so many, we wanted to celebrate some of our VB moments that are worth remembering (if only just as a reminder for ourselves).


At the beginning of the year, we worked with Microsoft (travelling and filming in both London and Paris), to create a project that explored the inclusion and diversity initiatives that Microsoft, and their partner Sodexo, have incorporated into the heart of their businesses.
Telling their story of how company culture and innovative technology aim to include everyone of every background and ability - it's what we love to do, and this was a privilege to work on.


Like many in 2020 we were lucky enough to work from home.
We were super grateful to be able to spend more time with our families, and did our best to embrace both the joy and pure chaos that small children bring!
It also really brings home the reality of how indebted we are to those who can’t do their work from home, who were out there (and are continuing to) working their arses off!


We were thrilled to be able to launch our new Vanilla Bear Films rebrand; designed by the incredible Fiasco Design.
Along with our new showreel & a shiny new website, it’s been a long time coming and represents us as a company much more authentically.
And if you’re interested in a bit of how we did that - check out our blog post.


One of our highlights from 2020 was working with Tobii Dynavox and Google.
Even when safely operating within our COVID guidelines, filming with people with disabilities would present a risk that we and Tobii were unwilling to take. And because of that, we had to look for a creative answer to the problem of creating new content without your customers.
In this case, our approach was to incorporate the brand new tech (of Tobii’s Eye Gaze device with Google Assistant integration) into existing older footage, by projecting the environment in a studio setting.
A new challenge and a really fun shoot. And the results were pretty sweet, if we do say so ourselves!
We often joke about the importance of people needing videos in such a time of global crisis - which obviously is ridiculous, especially when compared to the role that medical professionals, supermarket teams, the posties play - pretty much anyone out there working doing real jobs.
But there is a part of us, and obviously we’re biased, that truly does believe in the importance of storytelling and communicating.
And for us, as pretentious as it might sound, we believe that in terms of moving forward into 2021, we want to be part of the stories that will play a role in shaping our future. We are undeterred and will continue to push the creativity of our craft and tell stories that need to be told.
...I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
Perhaps it’s the new year that’s got me all pretentious and lyrical.

Anyway, it's obviously been such a crazy & tragic year for so many, & as small business owners, Aaron & I realise how lucky we are to be able to still be doing the business we love - so here's to all the partners, collaborators, friends, families, and all who continue to journey with us. Thank you so much!