Be memorable. Connect with everyone.

Through flippin’ great storytelling by people who care.

At Vanilla Bear we genuinely care about you and how you communicate your story to your customers.

We take pride in the craft of filmmaking and we work hard to collaborate and get to know you and your team, so that we can clarifying your message and make impactful and memorable media.

Inviting your customers to be a part of your story, is one of the most effective strategies for real connection that will help to grow your business.

We strategise branding and track impact. We shoot, direct and produce original content for every screen. And we make a pretty good cup of tea too!

We’re a video marketing company proudly based in Bristol, UK.


Lucie has had cerebral palsy since birth and requires a lot support to live her life as a woman. And yet, despite the challenges it presents, she is still able to do what she loves; to move, to study and to dance.

This is a small snapshot into her life, and how the love of her family and the use of technology helps her to overcome her disability, and to live a life of freedom.


Becky was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a disability which has severely affected her life and stolen her voice. Yet to meet her, is to meet someone who is funny, joyful and truly worth listening to.

This is her story of perseverance, determination and achieving her dreams, through sheer will, the help of friends & family, and the aid of eye gaze technology.


A unique design festival in Bristol. One day of inspiring talks from an incredible selection of creatives, an after party and a full day of creative workshops across the city.


The real-life story of a refugee and her journey to further education at the University of Bristol.


Future Space, we collaborated with Fiasco Design, to show off the fantastic workspaces & laboratories, and to capture the atmosphere of community and innovation.


Here's a look at our own story, from a Video Marketing & Video Production Bristol perspective.